Fruit Juice Making Machine

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process of juice making

1. Fruit sorting process:

This process is to sort out the fruits of low quality, thus, guaranteeing the high quality of fruits and juice. Put the ball-shaped fruits on the fruit sorting machine. The stainless steel shafts of the sorting machine will roll themselves to transport fruits. The fruits on the shafts can also evenly rotate so that working staffs can easily pick out fruits of low or inferior quality. The waste material will finally be conveyed into the receiving tank. Fruits of good quality will be sent to the next step.

2. Fruit cleaning process:

In this step, fruits will be cleaned in the brush and spray cleaning machine. The dirt on the surface of the fruit can be brushed off due to the highly-speeding rolling shafts with elastic brush. Besides, the water spray in the machine will wash off the dirt efficiently, which ensures a good cleaning performance.

3. Fruit washing process:

Fruits will be washed again by the fruit bubble washing machine in this process, providing a better and thorough sanitary condition of fruits. The blower of the fruit bubble washing machine runs the air through tank washer and makes the water keep on rolling. Due to the rotation and rapid flow of water, the fruits are cleaned quickly and the fruit skin will not be damaged. Then the cleaned fruits go on the next step.

4. Fruit elevating process:

The washed fruit materials are lifted to a certain height and transported to the next procedure——fruit peeling and extracting process.

5. Peeling and extracting process:

This is the key step for juice production and making. Fruit materials are put into the feeder of the peeling and extracting machine. Two rolls at the bottom of the hopper rolls relatively to cut the fruit into half. The pulp and fruit peel are then separated by the scraper. Fruit juice can be extracted out by the sieve plate and fruit peel will be collected at the door of the peel and extracting machine.

6. Juice refining process:

In this step, the extracted juice will be further refined to get juice of higher purity. Fruit juice is sent to the juice refining machine. Under the function of the refining machine, juice will be better and smoother.

A litchi processing line was sold to Hainan Luqiao Group
A litchi processing line was sold to Hainan Luqiao Group AGICO sold a litchi processing line to Hainan Luqiao Group, a leading fruit processing company. It is used to make litchi juice and litchi wine, with high peeling and extraction rate....
AGICO Citrus Oil Grinding Machine is sold to Taiwan company
AGICO Citrus Oil Grinding Machine is sold to Taiwan company Our citrus oil grinding machine is successfully checked and accepted by Taiwan Chiameei Group. It is an ideal equipment for making citrus oil....
Thailand customers checked and accepted pineapple processing line
Thailand customers checked and accepted pineapple processing line Customers from Thailand and South Africa visited our factory. They are satisfied with out products and reached cooperation with us. ...
factory of juice making machine
juice making machine workshop

Anyang General International Co., Ltd. (AGICO) is specialized in supplying and manufacturing high quality juice making machine at reasonable price. Boosting rich experience of more than 20 years, we have become the most competitive juice machinery supplier in China. We concentrates on research and development for all sorts of fruit juice machineries, such as fruit sorting machine, fruit bubble washing machine, fruit brush and spray cleaning machine, fruit elevating machine, peeling and extracting machine and juice refining machine.

We possess a highly-efficient development team, effective management system and strong R&D ability. As a professional juice machinery supplier, we own a number of invention patents, always taking technical innovations to meet the increasing demand of the market. Thanks to the abundant expertise, AGICO juice making machines have passed the ISO9001 quality system and gained professional certifications from both home and abroad. AGICO has established perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system.We sincerely hope to become your reliable partner and supplier for juice making machines.

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