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Benefits of strawberry

Strawberry has bright color and beautiful shape. It tastes sweet and sour, soft and juicy, with rich flavor. It is a high-end fruit with long supply period from November to next June.

Strawberry is rich in protein, pectin, organic acid, VC, mineral salt, and crude fibers. It contains 18 kinds of amino acid essential to human body. Modern medicine proved strawberry contains SOD that can clear the peroxide in human body. The VE has anti-aging effect, the strawberry amine has curative effects on leukemia, obstructive anemia and other blood diseases. Eating fresh strawberry is nourishing for people having a poor appetite or malnutrition. Drinking strawberry juice can relieve sore throat.

Strawberries can be made into jam, cans, vinegar, wine, and dried fruit.

Make strawberry juice

Choose fully ripe strawberries, clean them thoroughly, and extract juice with a juicer machine. Or you can put strawberries into a container and mash to pulp, then pour it to a stainless steel pot or an aluminum pot. Add some water and heat to boil, then cool it down quickly. After 5-6min, filter the strawberry juice with 3-4 layer of gauze. Use some tools to help you to extrude the juice all.

Add 300-400g sugar and 2g lemon acid to every 1kg filter juice. Stir the mixed juice thoroughly and fill them into sterilized bottles or cans. Seal the container and put it to 85℃ for 20min. Next, let it cool for 24h. After inspection and confirm it meet food hygienic standard, you can pack it into the warehouse.

strawberry juice

Strawberry Jam

Choose 80%-90% maturity strawberries with rich fragrance, high pectin acidity, and light red. Clean the fruits thoroughly. Then mix every 10kg strawberry with 2.5kg water, 10kg sugar, and 30g citric acid.

First, pour the strawberry and water into a pot, add 50% sugar, then heat up to make it soft. Stir once, then add the left sugar and all citric acid. Keep stirring until the jam color turn purple red and uniform. Then, pour out jam and fill them into bottles.

strawberry jam

Canned Strawberry

Choose complete fruits with large grain, rich flavor and high freshness. Clean the strawberries thoroughly and put them into the boiled water to soften. Pick up the strawberries and fill them into the sterilized bottles.

Fill 300g strawberries into 500g bottles, the left 200g are filling liquid made up of 75kg water, 25kg sugar, 200g lemon acid after boiling. Leave 10mm clearance in the bottle opening. After that, put it into the exhaust box to exhaust. Boil the cap and silicon seal for 5 minutes and seal the cap tightly. After sealing, boil the bottle in hot water for 10min. Then take out the bottle and dry the surface water. Store them in 10℃ warehouse for 7 days and you can sell them in the market.

canned strawberry
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