Pineapple juice processing line

Pineapple is a kind of tropical fruit, originally growing in Amazon basin, Brazil. Pineapple flesh looks golden yellow and tastes sweet and sour, rich in odor and juice. Besides eaten directly, pineapple are usually made into juice or cans. Drinking pineapple juice can supplement nutrition and clear heat.

Pineapple juice contains abundant fructose, glucose, vitamin B and C, citric acid, and protease, etc. They can breakdown proteins and promote digestion, improve blood circulation, induce diuresis, prevent bronchitis, and reduce the morbidity of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

pineapple juice processing line

Pineapple juice processing line can accomplish the whole process of making pineapple juice, including fruit sorting, washing, peeling, juicing, pineapple juice filtration, degassing, sterilization, cooling and bottling. The required equipment are the following:

  • Fruit sorting machine
  • Fruit washing machine
  • Fruit peeling and extracting machine
  • Spiral juice extractor
  • Juice fine filter
  • Vacuum degasser
  • Juice sterilizer machine
  • Juice filling machine

Not all the machineries listed are indispensible. You can choose the required ones according to your need. AGICO can supply complete juice production line and individual processing equipment. Welcome to consult us and order!

Pineapple sorting process

Pineapples for making juice should be fresh and juicy, with soft flesh and little fibers, which tastes slight sour and sweet. Remove those rotten, unripe or diseased fruits. 80% maturity is perfect. Besides, you can use the remnant materials from pineapple can and conserve production.

Fruit sorting machine is a professional equipment for pineapple sorting. Pineapples moves forward and rotates at the same time on the stainless roller bar. Staffs can easily find the defective fruits and remove them.

pineapple sorting process

Pineapple washing

Washing is an essential process in pineapple juice processing line. It ensure the sanitary of the following process and final products. We recommend fruit brush and spray cleaning machine to achieve adequate cleaning. It can remove the stains, impurities and pesticide residues on fruits with rolling brushes and high pressure spray.

pineapple washing machine
pineapple cleaning machine

Pineapple Peeling and Extracting

When pineapples are fully cleaned up, they are fed into pineapple peeling and extractor machine. There are knives cutting the pineapples into half, and a scraper separating peels and pulps. Then the pineapple pulp and roughly extracted juice are conveyed to the next process, and fruit peels are discharged through the outlet.

pineapple pealing
pineapple juice extracting

The second pressing

The peeled pineapple pulps are transmitted to a spiral juice extractor for further extraction. To make full use of materials, you can add some water to the pineapple residues for the secondary squeeze.

spiral juice extractor
pineapple juice processing

Pineapple juice filtration

Juice fine filter is used after juice extractor in mango juice processing line. It can remove all suspended solids, fibers and colloidal particles by centrifugal force. In this way it refine the pineapple juice further. The pulp dimensions of refined pineapple juice are under 0.8mm.

Pineapple juice degassing

Vacuum degasser is used to remove the air in fruit juice so as to restrain oxidation and browning. By eliminating the gas attached to particles, it can prevent the floating of solids and improve juice appearance. Degassing can also reduce the foaming in packing and sterilization, and relieve the corrosion to containers. Generally, degassing is processed after homogenization and before filling.

AGICO pineapple juice degasser is made of high quality material, the contacting parts with juice are made of stainless steel, and the seal rings adopts food degree rubber.

vacuum deaerator

Pineapple juice sterilization

Fruit juice usually adopts high-short sterilization, which is processed at the temperature of (93±2)℃ for 15-30 min.

AGICO juice sterilizer can realize high-precision temperature control and swift cooling, so as to shorten the sterilization time. It adopts superior stainless steel to ensure sanity, stepless speed regulator to realize continuous operation.

pineapple juice sterilization

Pineapple juice cooling

The sterilized pineapple juice is transmitted to a heat exchanger, where they transfer heat to the newly extracted fruit juice. After this process, the temperature of sterilized pineapple juice is lowered to around 50℃. Meanwhile, the raw fruit juice get preheated.

Pineapple juice filling

Thoroughly clean and sterilize the fruit juice bottle before filling pineapple juice into them. When fruit juice is cooled to a suitable temperature, it is filled into bottles and fully sealed. Then wipe out the water on bottle, label them and stock them into warehouse.

AGICO drink filling machine combines 3 functions of washing, filling and sealing. The filling process is completed automatically. It applies to PET, PVC and glass bottles. With advanced micro-pressure filling technology, it achieve faster and steadier operation. What’s more, it adopts PLC to control the automatic filling process.

pineapple juice filling machine

AGICO provide customized solution for fruit juice processing equipment design, manufacture, installation and trial run. We offer both complete pineapple juice processing line and individual pineapple processing equipment. The pineapple juice production process reduce manual work as much as possible. It can realize self-control and fault protection.

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