Pomegranate juice processing plant

Pomegranate contains various amino acid and 2 antioxidant components—Polyphenols and Anthocyanin. The calcium, magnesium, zinc and other mineral substances can supplement water to the human skin and make it more tender and smooth. Pomegranate also has significant medical value. Researchers found that pomegranate can delay senility, prevent heart disease, promote digestion and invigorate the stomach.

Pomegranates can be eaten directly or processed into palatable pomegranate juice. It is one of the most difficult fruits to process. Improper equipment and technology can cause damage to the juice quality. AGICO is an experienced fruit juice machinery manufacturer and supplier. Our equipment are all made of stainless steel. High automation and easy operation can save you a lot of labor work.

pomegranate juice production line

A pomegranate processing plant can complete the process of fruit sorting, washing, peeling and deseeding, juice extraction, clarification, sterilization and filling. It is composed of the following fruit juice equipment:

  • Fruit washing machine
  • Fruit sorting machine
  • Pomegranate peeling and deseeding machine
  • Juice extractor machine
  • Juice filter machine
  • Juice pasteurizer
  • Juice filling machine

Pomegranate sorting

Use a fruit sorter to get rid of those diseased, rotten and unripe pomegranates. Fruit sorting is a necessary step to ensure the quality of final fruit juice.

pomegranates sorting
pomegranates sorting

AGICO fruit sorting machine adopts superior stainless steel in its rolling bar, beam, transmission shaft, chain wheel, and all parts connecting with fruits. It is able to process all kinds of round or oval fruits, including apples, oranges, peaches, apricots, lemons, mangoes, pomegranates, etc. The fruit sorter is equipped with a speed adjusting device. The ground-type oil guiding pipe ensures sanitary condition for the fruit sorting.

fruit sorting machine with rolling rod

When fruits are transmitted to the fruit sorter, they start to roll over and move forward under the rotating of the rolling bar. At the same time, the staffs standing aside inspect every side of the fruits and pick out the defective ones. Then the qualified pomegranates will be transmitted to the fruit washer.

Pomegranate washing

During picking and transportation process, pomegranates are inevitably stuck with dusts, dirt or pesticides. They need to be cleaned thoroughly by specialized fruit washing equipment, or the impurities may contaminate the seeds in the following processes.

pomegranate washing machine
pomegranate washing machine

AGICO fruit brush and spray cleaning machine is used to remove the impurities and pesticides on the fruits. The high-speed rolling elastic brush can makes the dirt loose, and the high pressure spray can wash them out.

fruit washing machine

The water tank, rack and shield are made of 2mm stainless plates, and transmission shafts and chins are made of 1Cr13 stainless steel. It is equipped with a water pump that convey water to the water tank automatically, and a filter screen that separate out the stains.

Pomegranate peeling

Pomegranates have thick peels that contains bitter taste. If extracted with pomegranate seeds, they would destroy the flavor. So it is necessary to remove the peels before juicing.

pomegranate peeling
pomegranate peels and seeds

Traditionally, this process is carried out by hand. Use a knife to cut the top of a pomegranate, then cut along the line from calyx to stalks without touching the seeds. After that, you can break it up and get the seeds.

To improve the efficiency of pomegranate processing, there are specialized pomegranate peeling machine. It is composed of a hopper, crusher, separating drum, drive system and rack. The washed fruits are fed to the hopper by a conveyor, then they are broken into 4 pieces by the crusher. After that, the skin and seeds get separated in the separating drum.

pomegranate peeling machine

AGICO pomegranate peeling machine is the third-generation product. It boasts high capacity, high juice extraction rate, well-preserved tastes and low tannin content. It can work independently or connected with other equipment. The production capacities are from 3t/h to 5t/h.

Pomegranate seeds extraction

After the peels are removed, pomegranate seeds are fed into the spiral juice extractor. There is a screw shaft pushing them forward to the diminishing cavity, where they are extracted into juice under high pressure. The extracted juice flows into a container through the screener, while the kernels and slag are expelled through the ring clearance at the end of the machine.

AGICO spiral juice extractor adopts stainless steel in the parts that connect with raw materials. It can realize slag removal automatically. The closed structure prevent the oxidation of juice, and preserve the taste and nutrition content as much as possible.

spiral juice extractor

Pomegranate juice clarification

Usually, the extracted pomegranate juice has some suspended solids need to be removed. So it is pumped into a treatment tank after extraction. There are enzymes and chemicals that accelerate separation. This treatment lasts 3-4 hours. When the pomegranate juice is fully clarified, it is fed to the filtration system.

pomegranate juice fine filter
pomegranate juice extraction

AGICO juice fine filter adopts high-speed centrifugation principle. It is able to smash the pulp dimension to under 0.8mm, so it is convenient for further concentration or fermentation.

Pomegranate aseptic filling

Sterilization is a necessary process in juice manufacturing for eliminating bacteria and prevent fermentation. It can destroy the enzyme so as to inhibit harmful reaction. To preserve the high quality of pomegranate juice, we usually adopt high temperature flash pasteurization technique. The pasteurization process lasts 60s at the temperature of 84℃. Then it is filled to the cans or bottles by the juice filling machine.

juice pasteurizer
juice filling and packing machine

AGICO is a professional fruit juice machinery manufacturer and supplier. We can provide complete pomegranate juice processing line from sorting, washing to juice extraction, centrifugation and filling. We can also customized the fruit juice production line according to your specific requirements and conditions. Adoption of pomegranate production line can increase the automation degree, reduce the labor work, improve the production efficiency and quality. Welcome to inquire us any question in the form below.

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