Juice filling machine

AGICO juice filling machine can realize bottle washing, filling and capping 3 processes automatically. It applies to juice, mineral water, and other drinks, including drinks containing gas. Meanwhile, it applies to PET bottles and plastic bottles. You only need to turn the handles to adjust to different sizes of bottles.

The filling process is taken under constant pressure. The filling speed is fast and stable. Compared with ordinary juice filling machines of the same specification, constant pressure juice filling machine is more efficient.

It adopts advanced PLC (programmable logic controller) to realize automatic operation of the machine. Every component is under photoelectric detection.

The bottle feeding chain is controlled by a frequency convertor. It matches well with the mainframe.

juice filling machine

Features of automatic juice filling machine

  • Compact structure, efficient control system, easy operation, high automation.
  • You only need to replace the star wheel in the capping part and arc guide plate to adapt to different shapes of bottles.
  • All parts that connect with fluid are made of food-grade stainless steels. With no dead angles, it is easy to clean.
  • It adopts constant high-speed filling values. They can achieve accurate liquid level and no splash.
  • The sealing part adopts magnetic constant torque device. It can ensure the sealing effect with no harm to the bottle caps.
  • With effective overload protection device, it can ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.
  • The PLC system has the function of production speed control, lack-cover detection, bottle-jam stop, etc.
  • Main electric components and pneumatic elements come from world famous brands.
  • Equipped with touch screen controller, convenient operation.

Specifications of juice filling machine

Washing station number 32
Filling station number 32
Capping station number 10
Filling capacity 10000B/h (500ml)
Main engine power 5.5kw
Total Weigh 8500kg
Overall dimensions 3700×2750×3000mm

How does a juice filling machine work?

Juice filling machine is composed of bottle washer, bottle filler, capping machine, main motor, conveying system, PLC system, steel frame, and sealing windows. The juice filling process can be divided into 3 parts: bottle washing, bottle sealing and capping.

Bottle washing

First, bottles are sent to the bottle washer by star wheels through the air channel. In the rotary disk of the bottle washer, there are clamps holding the bottles and turning it upside down. Meanwhile, water spurt from nozzles and wash the inside of the bottle. After washing and drying, the bottles were turned over again by the clamps.

Bottle filling

Next, the bottles were conveyed to the filling part by star wheels. In the filling process, the bottles are held by bottleneck clamps and elevated up by cams. When the bottles reach up to the filling valves, they open automatically. Then the juice fills into bottles under gravity force. When the juice reach to a certain level, the bottles go down and the valves shut down.

Bottle capping

After that, the bottles are transmitted to the capping machine by the bottleneck clamps. A bottle capping machine has two parts, the rotation stopper hold the neck of the bottle and prevent it from rotation, while the cap screwer fulfill the cap grabbing, covering and screwing.

After bottle capping, the finished bottles are transmitted to the conveying chain by star wheels, and transmitted out of the juice filling machine.

juice bottle filling machine

Juice filling machine manufacturer

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