Spiral juice extractor

Spiral juice extractor applies to various fruit and vegetables such as apple, pear, carrots, pineapple, ginger, etc. Compared with traditional fruit juicers, AGICO spiral juice extractor can achieve a higher juice extracting rate of 85%.

The spiral juice extractor adopts stainless steels in the parts that connect with fruits and juice. It can realize fruit crushing and juicing 2 processes in one equipment, and remove slag after juicing automatically.

spiral juice extractor
spiral juicer

Advantages of AGICO spiral juice extractor

  • It adopts simple structure, easy to operate, clean and maintain.
  • It has high bearing capacity, which avoid deformation, blocking and slipping.
  • It is resistant to corrosion and abrasion, with long working life.
  • It can realize automatic crushing, juice extracting and slag discharging.

Spiral Juice Extractor Technical Parameters

Model Size(mm) Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
TP-Z5 850*380*850 1.5 0.5
TP-Z0 910*420*940 2.2 1
TP-Z15 1300*700*1330 4 1.5

How does a spiral juice extractor work?

The spiral juice extractor is composed of a feed hopper, crushing blades, a screw axis, a filter screen, a support base, a juice container, and a slag discharge port. The spiral axis is driven by a electric motor through a couple of belts. During the rotation of the spiral axis, the bottom diameter increases and the screw pitch shrink gradually.

When fruits and vegetables are fed into the spiral juice extractor through the hopper, they are propelled into the helical cavity by the screw axis. In the cavity, the juice is extracted and flows into the container through the filter screen, and the slag is discharged through the clearance. The pressure regulator allows you to adjust the clearance and slag yield.

structure of a spiral juice extractor

How to choose a high-quality spiral juice extractor?

  • High-quality spiral juice extractor have high juice extraction rate. The slag contains little water content. You’d better test the machine on the spot.
  • Blades and axis are the core part of a spiral juice extractor. Make sure they are hard and durable. Make clear the warranty period and if the manufacture supply spare part.
  • The rotating speed of a high-quality spiral juice extractor is 70-90 rpm and under 100rpm. The rotation should be uniform, with little noise or vibration. Make sure it stop quickly when you turn off the machine.
  • Make sure the shell of the juice extractor is sturdy and corrosion-resistant, without strange smell or impurities.

How to use a spiral juice extractor properly?

  • Don’t make the spiral juice extractor working continuously for long time, or the temperature will be too high and impair the electric motor.
  • Ensure the safety protection is in place. The automatic locking device can prevent running when any accessories are in absence.
  • Clean it frequently. There are usually some slag remaining in the chamber. You need clean it every time after juicing to ensure the sanitary. For thorough cleaning, you may need to take some components apart.
  • You can use a small brush or tooth brush to clean up the slots and clearances.
  • Don't scrape the surface with hard tools. Don’t dip the support base in water in case it damages the electric motor.
spiral juice extractor application
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