Juice pasteurization machine

Juice pasteurization machine is used to sterilize the fruit juice with high heat. The sterilization process is carried out before juice filling and packing, and after juice extraction, filtration and concentrate. Generally, there are 3 types of sterilizer in fruit juice production process, plate pasteurizer, tubular pasteurizer and steam sterilizer.

juice pasteurizer

Plate pasteurizer

Plate pasteurizer adopts UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) technology. The pasteurization is carried out under the temperature of 135℃-140℃ for 3-5s. The short time protects the drinks from nutrition or flavor loss. The sterilization capacity is 1 -10t/h.

Plate pasteurizer integrates the function of preheating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling. It applies to fruit juice and concentrates with without high fiber or high viscosity. Thanks to short heating time, it applies to thermal sensitive products. What’s more, it is suitable for milks, tea drinks, beverages and other fluid materials.

Plate pasteurizer features high heat-recovery efficiency, and automatic temperature control system. It has compact structure and pretty appearance.

Plate pasteurizer working principle

Plate pasteurizer is a new-generation fluid material sterilization equipment. It adopts advanced BR, BP plate heat exchanger. By non-contact heat exchange with superheated steam or water, the fluid materials are heated up to a sterilizing temperature within a short time.

The pasteurization process is under high-precision temperature control system. When the cold drinks are filled into the heat exchanger, they receive heat from the sterilized hot drinks. Then, they will be heated up to around 120℃ by superheated steam and water. Next, they will be kept in the constant warm tube for UHT sterilization. When they come out from the constant warm tube, they transfer heat to the incoming cold drinks, and cool down in the cooling part before they reach the outlet.

The whole process is taken under closed condition so that the biological property is stable. It can be specially designed to adapt to different materials’ demand for heating, preservation and sterilization.

Plate pasteurizer

Plate pasteurizer performance features

  • The drinks and heating medium are in separated zones. They exchange heat without contact. This design ensure the cleanness of drinks.
  • The sterilization time is quite short, so the nutritive content and property will not be destroyed.
  • The complete machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which can meet the international standard on food and drink equipment.
  • High heat transfer effect, high heat recovery, low heat waste, and low power consumption.
  • The main control elements, valves and components adopts imported products. They has long working life.
  • Adopts PLC control device. Automatic control of heating temperature and steam flow. Besides, the automatic fluid returning system ensures 100% sterilization effect.
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