litchi/longan processing plant

Litchi contains abundant nutrients such as glucose, sucrose, protein, fat, vitamin A, B, and C, folic acid, arginine, tryptophan. It is beneficial to stomach, spleen and brain. Litchi pulp looks translucent and creamy, and tastes sweet. It can be processed into litchi juice, litchi jam, litchi wine, preserved fruits, and canned fruit, etc.

AGICO litchi processing plant applies to processing litchi and longan. It can clean and peel the litchi, remove the litchi cores, and extract litchi juice and litchi pulps. The litchi juice and pulps can be further process to make litchi juice, pulp and wine.

litchi processing plant

A complete litchi processing plant includes the following equipment. Sometimes, it need to be equipped with a storage silo, vibrating convryor, jam making machine, etc. We can customize the litchi processing plant according to your specific needs.

  • Roller fruit sorting machine
  • fruit surfing washing machine
  • brush and spray cleaning machine
  • scraper fruit elevator
  • litchi/longan peeling machine
  • litchi/longan core removing machine
  • fruit pulper machine.

Roller fruit sorting machine

This machine is used for the sorting of sphere and oval fruits, such as litchi, pineapple, pomegranate, mango, citrus, apple, and pears. Driven by the electric motor and chains, the rollers rotates and the fruits rotates and move forward at the same time. During this process, the staffs can pick out the defect fruits.

litchi sorting process
litchi fruit sorting machine

Brush and spray fruit cleaning machine

The brush can remove the dirt and pesticide residues on the fruit peels, and the spray can wash out all impurities. This machine applies to litchi, apple, pear, orange, tomato, carrot. It can be combined with other fruit washing machine to achieve thorough cleaning effects.

litchi brush and spray washer

Surfing fruit washing machine

This machine applies to the cleaning of spherical and oval fruits. The high pressure water pump keep the fruits rotating in the tank, the cleaned fruits are transmitted to the fruit elevator by a dasher, and the dirt and impurities will flow into the receiving tank at the bottom. Surfing fruit washing machine can be equipped with ultrasonic and ozone system to realize sterilization effect.

litchi surfing fruit washing machine

Scraper fruit elevator

This is the transmission equipment in the litchi processing plant. It serves to convey fruits from one process to the next one. It is composed of drive motor, chain wheel and plate, scraper, rack, and tension device. When it start work, the motor drives the chain plate, and bring along the scraper. The fruits are fed to the scarper and lifted to the next equipment.

litchi scraper elevator

Litchi/longan peeling machine

This machine is used for the pretreatment of litchi/longan juice and wine. It adopts rubber covered rollers to separate the litchi flesh and shells, with the peeling rate as high as 99%. It is used after the litchi and longan have been stemmed, cleaned and sterilized.

litchi peeling machine

Litch/longan core removing machine

This machine can cut the litchis and longans, squeeze out the fruit flesh, separate the cores and peels, and transmit the fruit pulps to the next process.
litchi core removing machine

Fruit pulper machine

This machine is used to crush fruit pulps, extract fruit juice and separate slag. It integrates the function of crushing and centrifugation. The process is taken under closed state, so as to minimize the oxidization and preserve the juice tastes as much as possible. The solid content in juice and the humidity of slag can be adjusted.
litchi pulper machine

Features of litchi processing plant

  • Litchi processing plant can automatically realize litchi or longan cleaning, sterilization, peeling, core removing, pulping and juice extracting. It is widely applied for the pretreatment of litchi and longan juice and wine.
  • This processing plant is specially designed to adapt to the features of litchi and achieve high efficiency. We can customize the specifications to according to customers’ needs.
  • The produced litchi and longan juice and pulps have stable quality and can meet the food hygienic standard.
  • The litchi peeling machine, and core removing machine have got 2 national patents. They have passed the appraisal of Scientific and Technological achievements, and received Provincial Third Prize of Scientific and Technological Advancement Award.
litchi juice processing plant
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