What is nectar fruit juice? How is nectar juice made?

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What is nectar fruit juice?

Nectar juice is also called nectar drink, or pulp juice. It refers to the juice containing fruit pulps and flesh.

Nectar juice is made of original fruit pulps or concentrated pulps, added with sugar and acid agent. It contains a large quantity of fruit pulps, fruit fibers and pectin, which can be drank together with the juice. As the nectar juice reserve some solid content in fruit peels and pulps, it presents more of the fruit original taste, color and nutrition.

nectar fruit juice

Production process of nectar fruit juice

To be general, the production of nectar juice includes: raw material cleaning, cutting, destoning, heating, pulping, mixing with sweet water and additives, colloid milling, degassing, filling, sealing, sterilization, finished products.

Raw material processing

Choose mature fruits without disease or pests, such as mango, orange, apple, yellow peach, pears. Rinse them thoroughly with a fruit washer, cut them into halves and remove the cores. Chip off the bruised and spotted fruit flesh. During the fruit processing, you should soak them in a mixture of citric acid and ascorbic acid to prevent discolor.

mango washing and peeling

Heating and pulping

Heat up the cut fruits to 95℃ for 4-5 min, and pulp it with a fruit pulper machine with the pore diameter of 0.5mm. In the pulping process, the peels and seeds are separated from the fruit pulps.


Mix the raw fruit pulps with sweet water and acid. Keep the fruit pulps taking up over 35% of the finished products.

Colloid milling

Homogenize the mixed fruit pulps with a colloid mill, micronized the fruit pulps into uniform suspensoid with certain viscosity.


After colloid milling, the mixed suspended solids (40—50℃) contain some air content. Use a vacuum degasser to eliminate the air to prevent fruit juice oxidation and improve the juice quality.

Juice filing and sealing

Fill the degassed nectar juice into bottles or cans. Ensure the packages are sanitary. The filling process should be carried out over the temperature of 65℃. Then seal the packages.

juice nectar filling

Sterilization and cooling

Keep the bottled juice at the temperature of 100℃ for 5-10 min. After sterilization, cool the bottles to room temperature with flowing water.

This is the brief production technology of nectar fruit juice. If you want to produce nectar juice, you can contact us to know what equipment are needed. AGICO is a reliable complete fruit juice production line manufacturer and supplier. Or if you have any questions, please send us messages in the form below. Our sales service will reply you within 24 hours.

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