What is cold pressed juice? What are its benefits?

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What is cold pressed juice?

As a high-end drink, cold-pressed juice is 3-4 times the price of traditional juice. They are different in the production process. The cold press juice use slow blade to break up fruits, and use high-pressure to squeeze fruit juice. The squeezing process is carried out at the temperature of 4-10℃, so the vitamins and minerals won’t be destroyed.

Cold-pressed juice can preserve the original sugar content without adding extra sugars. Some manufacturer will remain the fibers in juice to promote digestion and keep you feeling full. They have more health benefits for consumers.

cold pressed juice

How is cold pressed juice made?

Cold press process contains 2 parts: high-pressure extraction, and high-pressure sterilization.

As displayed in the diagram, the high pressure hydraulic press extracts juice and other nutritive contents from fruits and vegetables. Then the high-pressure sterilizer use 600Mpa pressure to achieve the same sterilization effects as UHT or pasteurization. This process is also called high pressure pasteurization(HPP).

Researches have proved HPP technology can preserve the original nutrition and flavor effectively, and prolong the shelf life to around 40 days.

In the whole cold press process, the fruit juice is treated under low temperature to achieve the minimum nutrition loss, such as vitamin C and protein polypeptide.

cold pressed juice production

Cold-pressed juice market

According to the statistics of a food and beverage agency Zenith International, the fruit juice industry will grow by 5% annually, owing to the sales decline of carbonated drinks. However, traditional fruit juice sales also dropped, while high-end drinks, represented by cold pressed juice, have a continuous growth in the past years.

According the reports of Persistence, online retail will drive the sales of cold-pressed juice significantly. Statistics manifests that online retail has a compound annual growth rate of 7.4%, and the sales volume is predicted to reach to 300 million by 2024.

Statistics from Euro Monitor also indicats that traditional FC juice will keep declining by 2021, which will be replaced by cold pressed juice and NFC juice. And cold-pressed juice will come top of all juice categories at the growing rate of 7%.

With more and more Europe and America countries emphasize low sugar diet, and issue sugar tax, cold-pressed juice will have wider market niche.

Cold pressed juice brands

Pepsico’s Naked cold pressed juice

Naked cold pressed series has launched 9 different tastes. They are mixed with different fruits, vegatables, pure orange juice and grapefruit juice. Besides, Naked also includes a popular food—beetroot, which can refresh body and relieve tiredness. Its price is 4 pound for 600ml in Europe.

naked cold pressed juice

Coca Cola’s Innocent cold pressed juice

Innocent cold pressed juice has launched 3 series: easy greens, made of green plants like cucumber, green apple and celery; Bright Spark, made of orange plants like carrots and citrus; Skip to the beet, made of beetroot. Innocent cold pressed juice not only preserve the original fruit vitamin C, but adds extra 1% cold-pressed juice. It’s price is £2.49 for 330ml.

innocent cold pressed juice

Cold press brand

Cold Press is the initiator of cold-pressed juice. It has traditional apple juice and orange juice, and various mixed vegetable juice. Its bottle is an unique hexagon. The price of pure apple juice is £2.79 for 1L, the mixed juice is £2.5 for 250ml.

cold press juice

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