How to choose the best fruit washing machine?

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Why fruit washing is important?

Fruits and vegetables are exposed to the air in their growth. The ash, heavy metal element, toxic substance in the atmosphere are left on the fruits. Traditional cleaning method is hard to clean up large quantity of fruits, and the cleaning effect cannot meet the requirement.

Some customers believe that only fruits sprayed with pesticides need washing. It’s not true. Although there is no pesticide residues on the fruits, there may be invisible worm eggs attached to the peels. If not cleaned thoroughly, the fruits can cause bacteria infection and harm your health.

4 types of fruit washing machine

Fruit washing machine, also called fruit cleaning machine or fruit washer. It is an essential equipment in fruit juice production line, usually used after fruit sorting process. Usually, There are 4 types of fruit washing machine.

Drum type fruit washing machine

The main component is a cleaning drum with spiral lamina and hairbrush. It adopts warm gear drive system that features stable running and high efficiency. It applies to the cleaning of dried fruits, beans, fruits and leafless vegetables.

drum type fruit washing machine

Ultrasonic and Ozone fruit cleaner

It clean up the fruits with vibration and ultrasonic radiation. Meanwhile, the ozone can eliminate the bacteria on the fruits. It is composed of a rinse tank, an ultrasonic system, ozone system, inlet and outlet, and the control system.

ultrasonic cleaner

Brush and spray fruit cleaning machine

It can complete 2 process—to brush the fruit surface and rinse the fruit in tanks. A brush and spray fruit cleaning machine is composed of rack, shield, water tank, water pump and brush. It can clean up the impurities on the fruit surface thoroughly.
fruit brush spray cleaning machine

Surfing fruit washing machine

This type of fruit washing machine use high pressure water to clean fruits. It is equipped with a high pressure water pump and a special surfing device to achieve good cleaning effect. The dirt and impurities will flow into the receiving tank at the bottom. The surfing fruit washing machine is composed of water tank, elevator, wind blower, drum, spray pipe and hopper.

surfing fruit washing machine

How to choose the best fruit washing machine?

In industrial production, cleaning is an essential step in food processing. In daily life, we just dip the fruit and vegetable in water and wash out the dirt. But in industrial production, they need professional fruit and vegetable washer machine. The following are the major factors in choosing fruit washing machine.

Suit your fruits

First, you should be clear of your requirement. Currently, there are many different types of fruit washing machine, such as mesh belt bubble washer, brush and spray washer, high-pressure surfing washer, ultrasonic cleanner. Every type has different ranges of application, you should choose the suitable type according to your fruits.


High efficiency is an important criteria in choosing a fruit washing machine. Some fruit washer machine integrates the function of washing, scouring, and spraying. They can not only save manpower and material resources, but also save energy and reduce pollution. For example, TICO’s fruit brush and spray cleaning machine can wipe out the impurities in fruit surface and rinse it repeatedly, and elevate them to the next process.

Wide applications to fruits and vegetables

To meet customers’ diversified demand, the fruit washing machine need to upgrade their performance. Customers want to clean different fruits and vegetables, so the fruit washers with multi-purpose become more popular. TICO’s fruit washing machine also has wide range of application, including fruits and melons, root vegetables, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, and Chinese herbal medicines, etc. Some mesh belt fruit washing machine can adjust the operation speed and time to adapt to different fruits. Many companies provide customized function according to customers’ requirement.

Material of the equipment

As fruit washing machine is used to process food materials, the material of the equipment is of great important. All parts that connect with food should adopts stainless steel and meet the food grade standard. In TICO fruit washing machine, the water tank, elevator frame, rack and shield are made of stainless steel, which are clean, corrosion resistant and stable.

Less damage to the fruits

In fruit washing process, the metal component may cause damage to the fruits. Professional fruit washing machine adopt scientific design to minimize such damages. Besides, it should avoid secondary pollution to the material.

fruit juice production line

A fruit cleaning machine can influence not only the cleaning effect but the safety and quality of your final products. Cleaning is the start of fruit juice production, and the fruit sorting, transmission and extracting also make great difference. In this regard, choosing a reliable supplier is important. It should has rich experience in fruit juice machinery production, and comprehensive service that can solve your problem after you purchased their products.

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