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Fruit peeling and extracting machine

This type of fruit juice extractor machine can accomplish fruit peeling, coring and extracting at the same time. It can be applied to oranges, pineapples, lemons, and grapefruits.

peeling and extracting machine for fruit

Extracting process

When the washed fruits are fed into the extractor through the hopper, 2 rollers transmit them to the knife. The knife cut them into halves and the scraper separate the peels. The sieve plate extracts about 36% of the fruit juice, then they are conveyed to the fruit pulper machine for further extraction. After extraction, the peels are discharged through the outlet.


  • The scraper is adjustable to adapt to different sizes of fruits and different thicknesses of peels.
  • The dimension of the fruit peeling and extracting machine can be customized according the fruit types.
  • The sieve plate adopts conical type, which can increase the extraction rate by 2-3%.
  • The peeling rate is as high as 98%, with low waste.
  • Compact structure, solid rack, easy operation, high output.

Specifications of fruit peeling and extracting machine

Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(mm)
3 8 1600*1200*1800
5 9 1800*1300*2200
10 11 2000*1350*2500

Fruit pulper machine

Fruit pulper machine can separate fruit juice and slag effectively. It integrates the function of crushing and centrifugation. Fruit pulper machine applies to grapes, litchi, citrus juice, strawberries, pineapples, etc.

juice refining and puling machine

Working principle

A fruit pulper machine is mainly composed of feed hopper, band sieve, separation axis, gearings, rack, and shield cover. The cleaned materials are fed to the fruit pulper machine through the hopper. Under the centrifugation force of separation axis, the kernel and peels will be separated from the fruit pulps and discharged out. The fruit pulp will be crushed and extract juice.


  • Equipped with double cranks to control the open and close of inside, the fruit pulper machine works in fully closed state, which prevents the oxidation of fruit pulps.
  • The pneumatic, electric and operation parts adopts world famous brands, which ensure high safety.
  • Linear structure make it easier to operate and maintain.
  • The parts that connect with raw materials are mad of food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • The fruit pulper machine can be used with sieves of different hole sizes.

Specification of fruit pulper machine

Type Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(mm)
LX-3-5 3-5 7.5 2000*750*1300
LX-5-8 5-8 11 2250*800*1450
LX-8-10 8-10 15 2569*1000*2042

Spiral juice extractor

Spiral juice extractor can crush fruits, extract juice and remove slag within 1 machine. It applies to apples, pears, carrots, pineapples, gingers, etc. the extracting rate of spiral juice extractor is as high as 85%.

spiral juice extractor

Extraction process

A spiral juice extractor is composed of a feed hoper, a screw axis, crushing blades, a filter screen, a juice collector, and a slag discharge port. Driven by an electric motor, the spiral axis rotates and the screw pitch shrink gradually.

The fruits or vegetables are fed into the spiral juice extractor through the hopper. The screw axis drive them into the helical cavity, where the juice is extracted and flows into the container through the filter screen, and the slag is discharged through the clearance. You can control the slag rate by adjusting the clearance.


  • All parts that connect with raw materials are made of stainless steels, and the shell is corrosion resistant.
  • Automatic fruit crushing, juice extracting and slag discharging.
  • High juice extracting rate. The slag contains little water content.
  • The spiral axis and crushing blades are made of superior stainless steel, solid and durable.
  • The rotating speed of the spiral juice extractor is 70-90 rpm. The rotation is stable and uniform, with little noise or vibration.

Specifications of Spiral Juice Extractor

Model Size(mm) Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
TP-Z5 850*380*850 1.5 0.5
TP-Z0 910*420*940 2.2 1
TP-Z15 1300*700*1330 4 1.5

Fruit juice belt press

Juice belt press adopts multistage folding and pneumatic pressure to achieve high extraction rate of 75-78%. Juice belt filter press is widely used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, and for the dehydration of pickles, powder, pulps and chemicals.

juice belt press

Extraction process

A screw pump send the crushed materials (mixed solid and liquid) into the feed hopper and a spreader distributed it uniformly on the belt. The belt is made of woven nylon thread, resistant to acid and alkali and meet food hygienic standard.

The S-type belt exert high pressure and shear force to the raw materials and form them into filter cakes, the juice is squeezed out and flow down to the collector.

The scrapers scrape off the filter cakes and the spray nozzles wash the filter belt continuously. The washing water is filtrated and recycled.

Features of juice belt filter press

  • Belt filter press applies to not only fruit and vegetable juice, but also VC, alcohol, wine, starch, feed, swage, etc.
  • Special filter belt and reasonable combination of rollers generate suitable pressure to the raw materials, and achieve high juice extraction rate.
  • Full-automatic and continuous operation. It is equipped with a airbag to prevent the belt deviation. The processing capacity is adjustable with the frequency control device.

Specification of juice belt press

Model Capacity(T/H) Belt width(mm) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Air compression(MPa)
DYJ-03 3 800 21 4000*1800*2350 2500 0.7
DYJ-05 5 1200 21 4000*2000*2500 4200 0.7
DYJ-10 10 1750 22 5000*2500*2600 5800 0.7
DYJ-20 20 2500 38 5400*3300*2700 6600 0.7

Grape destemmer extractor

The grape stemmer crusher is specialized in grape juice extraction. It can remove the peduncle and stems of grapes, crush and grape pulps and convey them to the next process. It is mainly composed of rollers, destemmer device and crushers. It adopts low squeezing speed and high juice yield. The extracted grape juice is the raw materials for making drinks and wines.

grape destemmer extractor


  • Quantitative screw feeding. The crushing is carried out after destemming.
  • The destemmer axis and band sieve can realize stepless speed variation. The destemmer belt screen is lengthened, which is applicable to various grape varieties. The grape pulps attached to the stems are little.
  • The crushing device is under the destemmer belt screen. The crush roller is made of high elastic and no-toxic rubber. The crushing device is connected with the main body in a quick opening way.
  • The delivery pump is a single screw pump, and installed under the crushing device.
  • The destemmer crusher is made of superior stainless steels.

Specifications of grape destemmer extractor

Model Capacity(t/h) Diameter(mm) Clearance between roll(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Size(mm)
J CP-5 5-6 20-35 3-15 5.25 578 1816*710*1352
J CP-10 7-10 20-35 3-15 8.8 765 2240*864*1574
J CP-20 15-20 20-35 3-15 12.6 935 2590*910*1620
J CP-30 25-30 20-35 3-15 22 1025 3100*1040*1780

Words in the end

Industrial fruit juice extractors are used in factories for making raw fruit juice. Usually these fruit juices need further processing for making commercial drinks. The fruit juice extractor has different juice extraction rate and applies to different fruits. If you are interested in industrial juice extractors, please contact us in the form below. AGICO is a professional fruit juice extractor manufacturer and supplier. We also supply complete fruit juice production line.

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